We provide high-quality clothing alterations and repairs. From shortening, lengthening, restyle, repair, bridal alterations to invisible mending and much more, we have it all covered. If you are looking for high quality in dress alterations for men and women, then please contact us. We handle a wide range of sewing services, such as hemming clothes, adding patches to garments, and replacing zippers. We are offering alteration services for remodelling, shortenings, new zips and relining for general alterations including original hem a professional alteration service for denim. We guarantee care and attention to the alteration of any garment. Our alterations service are made with an expert and professional finish, ready for that wear.


Trousers Shortening – £9.95
Trousers Shortening T/Up – £10.95
Trousers Waist – £10.95
Trousers Taper – From £12.95
Trousers Zip – £10.95
Trousers Re/Seat – £12.95
Trousers Part Re/Seat – £7.95
1/2 Pocket – £4.95
Full Pocket – £10.50


Shirt Remove Collar – £7.50
Shirt Shorten Sleeve – £7.50
Shirt Sides – £7.50


Skirt Short M/F – £10.95
Skirt Short H/F -£13.95
Skirt Waist – £12.95
Skirt Sides – £12.95
Skirt Zip – £9.95


Jacket Shorten Sleeve – £14.95
Jacket Shorten Sleeve with Button – £19.95
Jacket Shorten Length – £22.50
Jacket Elbow Patch – £14.50
Jacket Zip – From £15.00


Dress Shorten – From £10.95

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