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Shoe Repair

To us, rebuilding shoes is not a service, it is our craft. We only use the highest quality materials available to restore your shoes to the best condition possible. Our excellent craftsmanship is no small feat. Whether you need small or large repairs, you know your shoes will be as good as new when you leave them with us. We can heal your soles and reattach broken heels for affordable prices. We use the best and most innovative materials, such as non-slip pattern soles, to provide our customers with quality and durability from their repaired shoes.


Rubber Heel – £14.95
3/4 Rubber – £14.95
3/4 Iron – £14.95
Stick on Sole and Heel – £35.00
Leather Sole and Heel – £45.00
Sole – £19.95
Leather Sole – £29.95
Full Leather Sole – £55.00


Stiletto Heels – £6.95
Normal Heels – £8.95
Large Heels – £10.95
Sole and Heels – £19.95
Sole – £17.95

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